Sunday, 8 November 2015

Alan Freeman's Saturday Rock Show on BBC Radio 1: Tracklist - Pt.5 U-Z

Unknown by UK (UK 1978)
Suicidal Man by Uriah Heep (Wonderworld 1974)
Something or Nothing by Uriah Heep (Wonderworld 1974)
Return to Fantasy by Uriah Heep (Return to Fantasy 1975)
Unknown by Uriah Heep (High and Mighty 1976)
Unknown by Uriah Heep (Firefly 1976)
The Dance by Uriah Heep (Innocent Victim 1977)
Choices by Uriah Heep (Innocent Victim 1977)
Rape of the Young by Utopia (Oops! Wrong Planet 1977)

Albedo 0.39 by Vangelis (Albedo 0.39 1976)

Ww, Xx
Motel Blues by Loudon Wainwright III (Album II 1971)
Turn to Stone by Joe Walsh (Barnstorm 1972)
Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh (The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get 1973)*
Frankenstein by The Edgar Winter Group (They Only Come Out at Night 1972)
Baba O’Riley by The Who (Who’s Next 1971)
Love Reign O’er Me by The Who (Quadrophenia 1973)
Unknown by Wishbone Ash (There’s the Rub 1974)

Roundabout by Yes (Fragile 1971)
America by Yes (The New Age of Atlantic sampler 1972)
And You And I by Yes (Close to the Edge 1972)
Yours is no Disgrace by Yes (Yessongs 1973)

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers by Z.Z. Top (Tres Hombres 1973)
Other tracks/albums I am vague about, although Fluff definitely played them, are by: David Bowie (Low), Stanley Clarke, Climax Blues Band, David Coverdale (White Snake 1977 and/or Northwinds 1978), an unsigned band called Gentlemen, Jimi Hendrix (Midnight Lightning), Mott (Drive On), Neutrons (Man offshoot), Silverhead (Michael Des Barres) and Styx (Equinox). Alan Freeman also narrated The Story of Pop radio and magazine series which included a progressive rock episode.

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